Statewide Blinds Shutters offers a wide variety of awning options for you to choose from but there is MORE to consider than just the type of awnings you like. Here are some things you might consider while making your awning decision.

SolarShield Retractable Awnings

The SolarShield Retractable Awning is the best model for outdoor mechanical sunshades. This shade has a retractable lateral arm awning that is spring-loaded. It is designed to withstand strong winds, heavy rains, and intense storms.  SolarShields come with both manual and electronic options, they are made from stainless steel hardware and cables. The beveled gears make for easy manual operation.




Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings

This awning brings the quality and craftsmanship of its residential retractable awnings to the commercial awning market. The Showcase commercial awning is designed for storefronts and businesses.
Awnings are perfect for showcasing retail stores. Outdoor window shades showcase displays and to protect them from l UV rays and damaging sunlight.
They are also great for stores and cafes with outdoor seating.
If you would like to have a sunny afternoon simply retract the Showcase awning. These retractable awnings come with extended warranties so you can protect your customers and your store as long as you own your business.


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