Statewide Blinds Shutters offers a wide variety of window treatment options for you to choose from but there is MORE to consider than just the type of treatment you like. Here are some things you might consider while making your window covering decision.


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Especially in the Florida summer, direct sunlight or glare can be an issue. It can interfere with the enjoyment of your home and even cause your carpet and upholstery to fade. Most kind of window treatment will help control this, but shutters and blackout blinds or shade can offer even more protection.



Room curtains 1Increased insulation

You will be astonished at the difference a simple window treatment can make in improving your home’s insulation factor. This can lead to reduced energy costs. A significant part of your heating and cooling expense is due to loss of energy through windows. Most energy company’s offer a home energy utilization service that will show you just how much energy you are losing.
Cellular shades, often called honeycomb shades, have received awards for their insulating qualities. They can lower the amount of heat and cooling loss through windows dramatically.



Visual ImpactLight and airy curtains

Your personal style can be reflected in your window treatments. Creative styling and color accents can make your home look more classic or contemporary, and bolder or subdued. Choosing treatments to coordinate in your home is an enjoyable part of the home shopping experience.





Window Shape

You might be surprised to learn that NOT all windows and doors are the same size. Even a new custom home might have a mixture of standard and custom sizes.

If your windows and doors are standard in shape and size, your choices for treatments and coverings are practically endless. However, if you have openings that are unique or non-standard, we can still help you find the right solution.




Finding the right solution

We understand the many factors are involved when making a decision for new window treatments. Our goal is to educate you about your choices so you can make the decision that is right for you! You don’t have to break the bank when selecting your window treatments for your home or office, there are stylish alternatives at reasonable prices.

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