Let Statewide help you by adding organization to any room whether it is a walk in closet, custom office, dressing room or kid’s space with your style and budget in mind. Our organizers feature both functional and attractive solutions to your organizational and storage custom-walk-in-closet-florida needs. These solutions can be either very elaborate or quite simple. Either way we offer a large array of options to meet your needs and desires.

Statewide Blinds and More and handle almost any job so you have a virtual unlimited canvas to meet your installation requirements. Our staff is experienced and familiar will custom work.

Experience has taught us what you can and can’t fit in a given space. Our customers find us because of our reputation for workmanship and service before, during and after the sale. We will help you create a design that matches your style and budget requirements during our initial FREE consultation.  We will work with you to utilize the available floor space and give you the most closet organizer possible leaving no wasted space.

Naturally you taste and personal style are important as well as the choice of material that the organizer will be built from. There are a wide array of materials from colored laminates, wood finishes or combinations that can be used. The material you pick will play a large part in determining the final cost of your organizer. Call us today and schedule your FREE consultation to find out just how easy it is to work with Statewide Blinds and more.

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